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Amar Es Para Siempre

Amar Es Para Siempre

Sophie arrives to Madrid, Alba's French friend. Sophie, that has come from France to spend some days in Madrid, shows a short story about love between women to Alba. The Novoa's youngest daughter feels uncomfortable reading it and Sophie calls her "prude". Both start...

El Vol de l’Àliga  [Eagle Flight]

El Vol de l’Àliga [Eagle Flight]

The law has condemned to tortoise pace what should have been Eagle flight. A new musical by Cisco Cruz inspired in The Robbers by Friedrich Schiller. Almeria Teatre Barcelona June 9th to 12th Directors: Cisco Cruz and Víctor Álvaro Musical Director: Mateu...

Shaking Shakespeare

Shaking Shakespeare

A musical show based on songs that are inspired in plays and poems from William Shakespeare composed from the Elizabethan years until nowadays. It is an irreverent, ironic proposal which aims to get close to the audience in a provocative attitude to meet their...


Generous, because she is a good listener and she is always at the service of her colleagues to whom she is completely devoted. Hard working, because she does not stop until she attains her objectives and satisfies her high standards. Fast and efficient, because she is smart and understands the instructions at once and processes them in scene. Paula is a great actress, good singer and better person. What else could you ask for?

Adrià Aubert i Blanch